Stewards’ Committee

The Stewards’ Committee exists to improve communication between the executive and the membership, and to make it easier for the Union to respond to your issues.

Stewards are the front line of any Union.  They are the main line of communication between the members and the executive, and they are often the first to know about violations of the rights of members.

The basic structure of the stewards committee is laid out in our bylaws, section 18.  It is a joint Unit 1-Unit 2 committee, so all members are eligible to participate.

Stewards’ duties:

  • Communicate with members in your department to make them aware of their membership in CUPE 3909 and of what is going on in the union;
  • Liaise between the membership and the executive;
  • Look out for violations of the collective agreement;
  • Assist members when their rights are violated, or make the unit VPs aware of these violations; and
  • Assist with organizing and mobilizing the membership.

Contact us if you are interested in being a steward.