The Local is consistently working to resolve issues that we find by reviewing posting and hiring information sent to us by the University.  We send the University a weekly report on mistakes in postings on issues such as wages, job duties, numbers of hours of work, and other working conditions as set out in the posting.  These problems are generally resolved before our members are affected.

Other issues are brought forward by the membership.  Over the past few months we have received numerous calls concerning TA hours of work going over the hours indicated in the contract; members concerned that they did not receive paycheques over 2 or more pay periods; questions about leave of absence rights; about how pension is calculated; and about job security periods and seniority.  The office and the Executive work to resolve issues, answer questions, or direct members to the appropriate U of M office.  We also keep track of the kinds of issues that come in so that we can prevent them from happening in the future.  If you have any problems in your area please contact the office.  We can help.