CUPE 3909 members may be eligible for basic life, supplementary health, long term disability, and dental insurance beginning on September 1st after an academic year in which they have worked 50% of equivalent full-time service (1040 hours per year or 40 hours over 2 weeks).

For Instructors paid by stipend this works out to 18 credit hours of teaching.  CUPE 3909 is lobbying for changes to the Staff Benefits Plan.  The first of these changes has been accepted and hours worked during Summer Session now count towards eligibility.

Once eligibility is achieved, this coverage will last from September to August of the following year and, provided you maintain eligibility in subsequent years, there will be no disruption of service.

You will also have a Healthcare Spending Account of $580 per year (April 1 – March 31).  Unused amounts may not be carried forward to the following year but expenses may be saved up to 16 months from the date incurred.

If you have questions about your plan, call 204 474 8085 (surnames A to L) or 204 474 9771 (surnames M to Z).

Read the Seasonal/Sessional Part-Time Staff Members policy.