Staff Benefits Committee

The Staff Benefits Committee is an advisory committee responsible for making recommendations on the establishment, maintenance, and changes to all Staff Benefit Plans through the VP (Admin) to the Board.

The Staff Benefits Sub Committee to review policies for part-time, seasonal, and sessional benefits has met to discuss the issues faced by our members under the current Benefits Plan.  One of our concerns has been addressed: hours worked during Summer Term are now acknowledged by the plan.  We remain concerned that CUPE 3909 employees do not receive benefits until a year after becoming eligible and that it is impossible for our members to receive full-time benefits, regardless of the number of hours worked.  The Committee is tasked with finding solutions to these problems. 

CUPE 3909 has one voting member.  Our representative on this committee is Karen Naylor, VP Unit 2.

The rest of the voting members are:

  • 2 Human Resources/Financial administrators
  • 2 Academic administrators
  • 5 UMFA
  • 1 UMDCSA
  • 5 AESES
  • 2 CAW
  • 1 CUPE 1482
  • 1 Excluded Staff
  • 1 UM Retiree Association
  • and 3 ex officio members

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