Pay Scales

Are you being paid the correct wage?  Check your rank, level, and pay scale.

Student Workers (Unit 1) Hourly Wages – Fall 2017 Winter 2018 and Summer 2018

rank level rate/hour + 6% vacation pay
grader/marker 1 $14.42 $15.29
grader/marker 2 $15.86 $16.81
teaching assistant* 1 $19.55 $20.72
teaching assistant* 2 $21.50 $22.79
teaching assistant* 3 $23.44 $24.85

*lab demonstrators, seminar leaders, and tutors are paid the same rate as teaching assistants

Student Workers (Unit 1) Stipend Rates – Fall 2017 Winter 2018 and Summer 2018

rank level 1 credit hour 3 credit hours 6 credit hours
lecturer/instructor 1*
lecturer/instructor 2 $1738.21 $5214.63 $10429.26

*this rank no longer exists, all lecturer/instructor positions are now paid at the higher rate

Sessional Workers (Unit 2) Regular and Fall 2016 Winter 2017

Sessional Instructors: The rate for Sessional Instructors is a minimum rate based on 60 hours of work per credit hour and includes 6% vacation pay.  NOTE: Student Academic Workers may apply for and be granted jobs posted as Sessional Instructor positions, but normally they will be paid at the Lecturer/Instructor rate above.

stipend 1 credit hour 3 credit hours 6 credit hours
initial rate $1770.20 $5310.60 $10621.20
RFR rate* $1921.43 $5764.29 $11528.58

*The RFR rate will be paid once an employee has satisfactorily taught the same course in the same department for a minimum of three times in different terms.

Hourly rate: $29.36

This rate will be paid for work that is in addition to work that would normally be included in their Appointment, (i.e. committee work, invigilating exams for a course other than one’s own, labs, tutorials, other work/service) provided this work has been assigned by the Department or the University.  If an employee is asked to substitute for a colleague, they will be paid 3 hours of prep time for every hour of in-class instruction.

Sessional Librarians: The hourly rate for Sessional Librarians is a minimum rate.  If you are appointed for a Librarian position for a period of less than 12 months, your vacation pay will be included in your pay.  If you are appointed for 12 months or more, you will receive the equivalent paid vacation days.

hours worked up to 1819 1820 – 3639 3640 – 5459 5460 and above
hourly rate $29.68 $30.72 $31.79 $32.90

Music Teachers: are paid an hourly rate for actual hours spent with students but the wage represents total payment for all work required of the position.  The figures below include 6% vacation pay.

service year 1st – 4th year 5th – 9th year 10th – 14th year 15th year and beyond
minimum rate per hour $62.88 $69.16 $75.45 $81.74

As of January 2016, Music Teachers will be paid their hourly rate for actual hours pent attending recitals.

Counsellors: The hourly rate of $29.36 for Counsellors is a minimum rate of pay.

Distance and Online Courses offered through Extended Education

3 credit hour course 4 credit hour course 6 credit hour course
$115.96 per student $145.15 per student $231.91 per student

Note: the per student rates will be based on the student count at the close of the registration revision period.

Additional rates of pay 

1 hour web conference 2 – 3 hour web conference creation of assignments*
$94.20 $187.85 lump sum of $500.00

*This fee will only be paid when the instructor is required by their department to create assignments