Collective Agreements

THESE ARE YOUR RIGHTSThe Collective Agreement that governs your employment is born out of the collective bargaining process.  Committees representing the Employer (usually Human Resources staff) and the Employee (a committee selected by the Union membership)  present proposals to amend and strengthen the existing contract.   This is the most effective means for employees to share workplace governance and ensures respect from the University.  Wages, benefits, safety issues, equality in the workplace, and other issues are all negotiated at the bargaining table. The strength to win concessions that benefit the employee, however, comes from the energy and desire of the membership.

Read your collective agreement: UNIT 1, UNIT 2, UNIT 3

Both collective agreements will expire in Summer 2018, which means we will soon be negotiating with the University to improve working conditions.  The issues you have forwarded to the Union during the life of these agreements will help us develop proposals.  If you have any issues or concerns about your job that you haven’t brought to our attention, please contact the Local Union Office.