Sessional Academic Workers

FEB22_D.inddAcademic workers who have Sessional appointments as Instructors, Librarians, Counsellors or Music Teachers are members of Unit 2.  Along with the course title and department, the posting for a sessional appointment should include the number of credit hours, the location and time slot, the start and end date of the appointment, and the stipend.  For hourly workers, there should be an indication of the number of hours per week and the hourly wage.

When you receive the Letter of Offer, you will read about your general duties and there will be more details in the Confirmation Letter, which will also inform you about your right to join the pension plan and eligibility for Staff Benefits.  Once you are hired for a position, you should meet with the Department Head to review expectation of duties and so that you can be informed about departmental policies regarding office space, printing, TA assignments, etc.

To find out more about your working conditions, go to Know Your Rights and/or read your Collective Agreement under Resources.  Contact CUPE 3909 or the VP Unit 2 if you have any questions or concerns.