Student Academic Workers (Unit 1) Campaigns

2013 2014 Oversized IDWFF Poster 600pxWe have a new poster going up in departments starting in the winter term to remind members to use our “I don’t work for free” booklets in order to keep track of the hours they work.

It also helps remind departments that members of CUPE 3909 must be paid for all work they are required to do, even if the hours listed on their contract have run out.





We are currently running a radio ad on UMFM to identify student academic workers and remind everyone how important they are.   Listen to the PSA:  student academic workers


In the 2011-2012 academic year, we ran public service announcements on UMFM and companion ads in the Manitoban.  Each ad told a true story of a violation of the collective agreement that we heard from members of CUPE 3909.  We encouraged members to contact us if they had similar stories so that the Local could work on a solution.

Listen to radio PSAs recorded by members.

IDWFF 1     IDWFF 2     IDWFF 3     IDWFF 4     IDWFF 5     IDWFF 6     IDWFF 7

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I don't work for free leaflet page 2I don't work for free leaflet

At the end of each term in 2011, we printed leaflets to remind employment supervisors that if they assigned hours over and above those indicated in the contract, they had to ensure that their departments approved those hours.  This campaign came as a result of concerns brought forward by teaching members of CUPE 3909 whose departments hadn’t provided guidelines for supervising Grader/Markers and TAs.  We slipped these leaflets under office doors.