Know Your Rights

The University of Manitoba’s Policies, including Respectful Work and Learning Environment, and Employment Equity and Human Rights Policies, entitle you to certain protections, as do the Manitoba Labour Relations Act, the Workplace Safety and Health Act, the Human Rights Code, and the Employment Standards Code.

In addition to the rights given to you by law, collective agreements contain rights that are bargained and enforced by your Union. The collective agreements between the University of Manitoba and CUPE 3909 establish your rights as a University of Manitoba employee. Below is a summary of the more significant rights spelled out in both collective agreements.

You have the right:

To be provided with what you need to do your job
The university should provide you with any textbooks, materials, equipment, services, and office space, consistent with departmental guidelines, that you need to perform your duties at no cost to you. Lecturer/Instructors and Sessional Instructors are entitled to assistance marking exams and assignments on the same basis as other professors in the department.

To a fair disciplinary process
You cannot be dismissed without a series of progressive steps of discipline, except if you are caught stealing, found guilty of sexual harassment, or gross insubordination. You are entitled to an oral, and then a written warning and a meeting with a Union representative in attendance if you choose, before the University can fire you.

To participate in an evaluation of your job performance
You are entitled to know how well you did so that you can work on and improve your skills as necessary. You are entitled to add you comments to any written evaluation from your job supervisor that will be included in your employment file.   And, you have the right to view your employment file upon request.

To contribute to the pension plan
You may join the pension plan at any time after you are hired by filling out an application form available from the Staff Benefits Office .  Depending on your earnings, your payments will work out to 7.2% – 9% of your salary.  The University must match your contribution. Participation is compulsory after 2 years of consecutive employment where earnings are greater than 35% of the YMPE.

To exercise your rights without penalty
You cannot be penalized or disciplined academically for the exercise of your rights, nor for your membership in the Union.

To Union assistance when differences arise
The University acknowledges that you have the right to assistance from and representation by CUPE 3909 whenever you think that your rights as spelled out in the Collective Agreement may have been violated, or if you face disciplinary action.

You can read more about Student Academic (Unit 1) and Sessional Academic (Unit 2) rights separately.

Being familiar and understanding your rights will ensure that you are fairly treated and
compensated for your work. Contact us if you have any questions, doubts, or concerns.