What We Do

rallyCUPE 3909 works to improve working conditions through the bargaining process, representing your interests while negotiating the collective agreements which cover the terms and conditions of your employment.

CUPE 3909 defends working conditions and hiring practices, fairness at work and health and safety, and looks for ways to improve your collective agreement and increase the rights of members.  If the rights enshrined in the Collective Agreement are violated, we represent you and work to resolve issues in your favour in discussions with the University administration and through the grievance process.

CUPE 3909 also advocates for an affordable, quality, public post-secondary education system that values academic workers.  We work to achieve social justice, protect workers’ rights, and to strengthen a community of solidarity.  We do this by participating in national and provincial arenas where we lobby on education-related issues, by working with other unions on campus, and by creating awareness on issues of importance to our members.