Sessional Academic Workers ratified a new, more transparent and enforceable collective agreement in November 2013.  Most Sessionals received back pay in the last paycheque issued in December 2013 and are now receiving the new rate of pay.  If you did not receive back pay, contact UM Payroll.

Hourly workers have seen an increase in their rate and instructors who are paid by stipend are now receiving $1645.17 per credit hour.  Members who are already paid above the minimum stipend will receive a lump sum payment.

We now have the concept of a performance adjustment for instructors who have taught the same course in three separate terms: $1669.02 per credit hour.  Another new concept is the hourly rate of $27.42 for work which has been assigned by the department but which is not part of the work normally included in the Appointment, including mandatory meetings not related to the Appointment.  Sessional Instructors who are asked to substitute for another employee will be paid at that rate and will be assigned three hours of prep time for every hour they spend in the class.   Employees who are have labs or tutorials in addition to the credit hours of their Appointment will be paid at this rate but the number of hours must be determined by the department.  Distance and Online Instructors who are required to create assignments now have a lump sum payment of $500 for this additional duty.  Music Teachers no longer have to work consecutive terms in order to receive increments.

The original Right of First Refusal, now called RFR1, is now easier to earn and harder to lose.  RFR2 has been created to respond to members who teach a large number and a wide variety of courses.  Instructors who accumulate 30 credit hours and who teach the same degree credit course a minimum of 3 times non-concurrently over a minimum of 18 months are eligible for RFR2 and priority in hiring.  Note, RFR1 trumps RFR2.  If you did not receive a letter in the mail or an email about RFR2 for July 2014, please contact the office.

There have been many more improvements and additions that help clarify the Sessional contract.  Once the Collective Agreement has been finalized, the full document will uploaded onto the website.