Unit 1: JSP & Seniority

As a member of CUPE 3909 Unit 1, you benefit from Job Security.

After completing an appointment satisfactorily, the University will inform you that you are in a Job Security Period.  That means that you will be assigned the same position for the next 4 years if you are an Undergrad, 2 years if you are in a Master’s program, and 4 years if you are a PhD student.  If the appointment is discontinued, you will be assigned an alternate/similar position that opens up.  While you are in your JSP, you will also accumulate seniority (total number of hours worked).  Your seniority will expire at the end of each JSP.  That is, seniority hours accumulated during your Undergrad JSP will not carry over to your Master’s JSP, and Master’s hours will not carry over to a PhD program .

When two candidates are equally qualified for a position and JSP is not a factor, seniority will determine who is hired.  Check your seniority and contact us if you see an error.