National Post-Secondary Education Task Force – LOCAL REPORT

Brianne Goerzen

During the first week of April 2014 CUPE National called an All Committees meeting. The meeting allowed for the various CUPE National committees to meet and discuss the general direction of individual committees. The meeting also gave committee and task force members the opportunity to meet members outside their respective groups and partake in larger group sessions. There were a number of guest speakers that spoke on a variety of topics including how to move the labour movement forward and organizing for the next generation.

The Post-Secondary Education Task Force is composed of brothers and sisters from across Canada, including representatives from British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick. Over the duration of the meeting, members provided an update regarding their respective provinces. The group also discussed current plans in action and planning for the months ahead. The Post-Secondary Task Force main campaign is advocating for the creation of a National Post-Secondary Act. A National Post-Secondary Act would legislate high quality, mandatory funding levels, reduce tuition fees, eliminate deferred maintenance at Colleges and Universities and ultimately ensure the public good of post-secondary institutions.

Keep an eye out for future materials that can be used across campuses to promote the National Post-Secondary Act and ensuring public education for the public good.