We all support UMFA and none of us want to cross the picket line; what UMFA is fighting for affects all of us, including students.  CUPE 3909 members who are employed by the University as Sessional Instructors, Librarians, Counsellors, Music Teachers and Grader/Markers, Teaching Assistants, Lab Demonstrators, Seminar Leaders, and Tutors, are legally obligated to cross the picket lines to report to work.  Students, however, have the right to choose not to cross the picket line to attend classes and they will be protected.  The University acknowledges this protection in the Strike Information – FAQ for Students on the UM website.  It reads as follows:

Can I choose not to cross the picket line?
Yes. However, students who choose not to cross the picket line are still responsible for materials covered in any class or lab that is included on the class list. Students must advise their instructors in advance of class if they choose not to cross the picket line. In such circumstances, instructors will make reasonable alternate arrangements with respect to any missed material, assignments or tests.

UMFA is asking students not to cross their picket lines.  Please read the University’s Question & Answer to your students and make sure they are aware of their rights.  Please encourage them to show their support for striking UMFA members.