As you are likely aware, UMFA members are voting today on a tentative agreement which, if ratified, will end the strike.  Classes taught by UMFA members would resume tomorrow (Tuesday, November 22nd).

In light of this development, the University has published a revised schedule for UMFA taught classes and exams in the remainder of the Fall 2016 term and for ALL classes and exams in the Winter 2017 term.  This schedule will have the Winter term commencing on January 19th.

This new schedule will pose a number of challenges and concerns for our CUPE 3909 members.  These include, but are not limited to, issues of pay, extra duties and time worked and conflicting schedules for individual members.  We have scheduled a meeting with the University at the earliest possible date to address and try to resolve any problems that we can foresee.  We have heard from many of you already, but if you believe you have an issue that is unique or specific to your area, please contact us as soon as possible.

We will keep you informed of our progress.