As we reported earlier, Union members are legally required to work during the UMFA Strike. If you were working with/for a striking UMFA member, that specific work may not be available.  The University can offer you other work.  If you refuse this work they do not have to pay you.  This is the law. However, there are limitations.

We have received a number of questions regarding what work we are required to perform.  You  ARE required to perform the duties of the CUPE position that you were working at the time of the commencement of the strike or other work that you could reasonably be expected to do.  This work should not be work that would normally be done by members of another union on campus.

You are NOT required to do any work that was performed by a striking UMFA member.  The Collective Agreements for the Unit 1 (Student Academic Workers) and the Unit 2 (Sessional Academic Workers/Instructors) contain the following provision:

5.3       Performance of Duties During Strike of Another Union
Employees will not be required to perform the duties or responsibilities of another employee who is lawfully on strike or locked out at the University.

Section 15 of the Manitoba Labour Relations Act also provides job protection for members of unions who refuse to do the work of employees who are on strike.

If you are asked to perform work that you are uncomfortable doing, please contact us.

CUPE 3909 would thank members for the continuing calls and emails asking questions and providing us with information.  They are very helpful.

We will continue to update you with information as we receive it.